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Tutoring for the NBCOT® Exam (OTR®)

Working with a Pass the OT tutor will not only simplify your studying, but it will also build your confidence. This is especially important if you have taken the OT exam before. During each one hour tutoring session, which is conducted either over the phone or via Skype, your tutor will help you focus on your weak areas, guide you through interventions related to that topic, and help you learn how to dissect questions to identify the correct answer, especially in situations when two answer choices seem correct. Furthermore, our tutors will help you gauge when you will know that you are really ready to take the OT exam. All our tutors are licensed therapists who are dedicated experts in this exam as they deal with it on a daily basis.

You may also use our tutor match system to find the most appropriate tutor to fit your needs.


Study materialTutoring Increases score

1 hour sessions via skype/phone
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Learn the correct interventions
  • Deal with test anxiety
  • Students Avg. 29 point increase after using tutoring
  • Thoroughly understand complex material
  • Students with 4 sessions or more have over a 90% passing rate

Study material Testimonial

Thanks to Tutor Jessica, I passed my exam with a 72 points increase. She made understanding complex material so much easier."
-Christoper F
I liked the modules split up by content and also the group calls, tutoring and audio recordings. I think the most beneficial were strategies to how to break down the questions that I learned from Jessica C in tutoring and also from other tutors in group call recordings.
-Sarah c
Absolutely great experience and confidence booster especially having one on one tutoring. Especially being so close to passing before they reassure you that you know the info and provide easier methods in remembering certain topics. Tutor Chukwuma was amazing.
-Josue R

During a group call, the first 30 minutes will be focused on content and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking, strategies to help you break down questions and rationalize interventions. Please submit any questions you may have, at least one hour before the call.

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May 1st, 2020

Our Amazing OTR® & COTA® Tutors
Time:4pm pst/7pm est
Topic:Frame of Reference and Ethics

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